German metal legend U.D.O.

Master Dirkschneider and his U.D.O. they arrived at the end of 2019 with the second wave of the STEELFACTORY tour and had four stops in the Czech Republic! And sold out!

The indestructible matador Udo Dirkschneider has dominated the international rock scene with his powerful, charismatic voice for more than 40 years. This singer’s career began already in the late seventies, when his unmistakable rasp was first heard on the eponymous album of the band Accept. In 1987, however, he embarked on a solo career, but ACCEPT’s greatest hits were always played at his concerts. Some time ago, however, Udo decided to end the ACCEPT chapter for good and close this period completely.

The best proof was the release of the new record “Steelfactory”. This ageless metal legend and his heavy metal machine U.D.O. they already completed the STEELFACTORY WORLD TOUR last year with their new opus, and now they have added the second part of this tour. Four concerts took place at our place and it was again sold out with a good portion of energy and honest coarse heavy metal!