March 2022 – February 2023

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacities of our enterprise and at the same time the capacities of its members. This goal will be achieved by 28 February 2023:

  • media visibility our enterprise and its 13 members on the domestic and foreign music scene,
  • professionalization of professional and managerial services of 3 employees and 2 representatives our enterprise and 13 Roma music groups,
  • establishing international cooperation with a Norwegian partner in the field of music and transfer of international experience.

The project has 1 partner from Norway and 2 partners from the Czech Republic. Within the project will be implemented 5 project activities: media coverage of the association and its members, management in culture, international cooperation and exchange of know-how, management and publicity.

The target groups are:

  • primarily 3 employees of the association and 13 Roma music members of the association,
  • secondarily the general public in the Czech Republic and abroad,
  • the professional cultural community and Roma music and non-music artists (non-members of the association).

Project outputs:

  • 9 video clips,
  • online consultation with a Norwegian partner, coaching, lectures and a workshop,
  • the participation of the association and selected members abroad in Norway at the festival.

The innovation of the project consists in the fact that our enterprise, on the one hand, gathers experts in the field of PR, advertising, grant and subsidy consultancy, finance, music promotion, organizing cultural events, etc. with an interest in professionalizing Roma music artists and on the other hand with Romani music artists, who usually cannot find their way to these experts and need the services of these experts to develop their cultural activities.

We will implement the project in the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian regions and in Norway, specifically:

Activity 1 (Media coverage of associations and their members) in the Olomouc region

Activity 2 (Management in culture) in the Moravian-Silesian region

Activity 3 (International cooperation and exchange of know-how) on the territory of Norway and the Olomouc Region. The scope of the Association of Roma Music Artists in the Czech Republic, z.s. will be on the whole territory of the Czech Republic.


April 2022 – March 2024

The main goal of the project is to strengthen the business of Roma music artists in the Czech Republic in the music and cultural industry by 31 March 2024.

The secondary objectives are:

  • to raise awareness in society about Romani musical culture, Romani musical artists and important cultural events with Romani participation,
  • to alleviate the social exclusion of the Roma through their increased involvement in the music and cultural industry,
  • in cooperation with the Norwegian partner to test in practice the reach of cultural activities as a connecting element between the Roma and the majority society in the Czech Republic,
  • to obtain feedback on the work of Roma music artists in the form of cooperation with music critics in the Czech Republic.

The innovation of the project consists in:

  • the use of VR 3D technology 180°×180° in the audiovisual music work,
  • the theme itself of the audiovisual music work promotes topics related to the Roma minority in the Czech Republic,
  • the connection of live performances and audiovisual music works.

The main activities:

  • new music audisovisual work – Culture Break Borders,
  • Ostrava 2023 Festival,
  • education,
  • critique of Audiovisual Works.

The primary target groups of the project will be:

  • 15 musical subjects from the ranks of Roma musicians,
  • 15 beginning Roma music artists and 5 advanced Roma music artists,
  • 100 participants in the Culture Break Borders seminar,
  • 7,500 spectators of the Ostrava 2023 festival,
  • 4 critics in the field – contemporary art, music.

Secondary groups will be:

  • the general public in the Czech Republic and abroad,
  • professional cultural community,
  • Roma music and non-music artists,
  • experts in the field of Roma inclusion.

The project has 2 partners from the Czech Republic and 1 partner from Norway.

The project was supported by grant support from the EEA and Norway Funds 2014 and 2021.

EEA and Norway grants